Frontiers of Statistics Symposium

During this symposium, speakers will engage in a forward-looking discussion about the state of the statistical sciences and emerging opportunities for the discipline and its stakeholders. These panelists will explore the vitality of research in the field of statistics and consider the future of the discipline. The conversation will also illustrate the importance of statistics in key research domains, such as public health and medicine, as well as the impact of research and training in the statistical sciences on science and engineering.


Drs. Joel Greenhouse, Marina Vannucci, Helen Hao Zhang, and Tyler McCormick will discuss:

• The development and use of Bayesian statistical models for complex problems, including applications in genomics, neuroimaging, and engineering

• Methodologies for combining information from multiple data sources, especially when linking data from observational studies and clinical trials

• Quantifying and communicating uncertainty in complicated predictive models, such as in health policy

• Inference within large-scale data mining and machine learning for predictive data analytics


After a series of presentations, the four speakers will come together for a moderated session in which they delve deeper into developments in machine learning and the statistical questions that motivate its growth, fostering interactions with domains that are enriched by the statistical sciences, and areas of exploration for the field.

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Thursday, June 22, 2023, 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM ET


Location: Virtual